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[FANCAM] BIGBANG - BTS of 2012 GMarket Photoshoot!

Mnet interviewed Taeyang about working with Tablo on Tomorrow.

Q: How did you end up featuring in Part 2’s title song “Tomorrow”?

 TY: This song was recorded the first day Tablo-hyung came to YG. He let me listen to the song and suggested that it would be great if I featured on it. And I liked the song so much that we began recording immediately that day.

Q: Have you always been acquainted with Tablo? 
TY: This was the first time working on music together, but I was aware that he had talked about me on broadcasts now and then when he was with Epik High.  And I really like Epik High, too.  I’m really happy that we’re in the same company now.

Q: Can you briefly introduce the meaning of the song ‘Tomorrow”?
TY: “Tomorrow” is about mourning the break up with a lover, saying “there is no tomorrow” until she returns.  Being unable to move on from that moment and space, waiting for her to return.

Q: Now that you’ve done this, do you have plans to ask Tablo to feature in your next album? 
TY: I can’t say anything specific yet, but I’ve been working on a lot of things with Tablo-hyung for the solo album I’m currently preparing.  [We’re/I’m] working hard to produce good material, so please wait for it.

Q: And any last message?
TY: Tablo-hyung’s first solo album has finally come out.  I’ve been listening to it every day, too, and it’s full of great songs.  Tablo-hyung has returned with music after such a long time, and I hope you will all support him.  And please listen often to the song I featured in, “Tomorrow,” too. Thank you.

Interview and MV shots from Mnet via DCYB

Taeyang also echoed the same answers for Cyworld (via YBMania)  :

Q: This is your first collaboration with Tablo.  A lot of people have been looking forward to it – how did you end up working together?
TY: Actually, this collaboration on “Tomorrow” happened very suddenly.  The day Tablo hyung came to YG for the first time, I was in the studio as always.  Hyung let me listen to this song and suggested that it would be great if I featured on it.  It was a really good song, and I thought it would be a cool project, so I recorded it immediately, right then.

Q: What was the feeling you got when you first heard “Tomorrow’?  What kind of emotion did you try to sing with?
TY: The message I got from this song was one of despair, that “there is no tomorrow for me without you.”  I tried to express that.

Q: What kind of work would you like to do with Tablo from here on?
TY: I’m working with Tablo hyung in a lot of directions/areas for the solo album that I’ve been preparing since the middle of the year.  I can’t say anything in detail yet, but we share a lot of conversations about music.  I think it’s going to be an important/precious relationship for me musically.

And Tablo had this to say about working with Taeyang (from his “notebook” on  Cyworld, via YBmania):

Ever since I first heard “Look At Only Me,” I dreamed of working with him on a song that I made.  I felt a great surprise and gratefulness, and happiness, when the voice I like sang the melody and lyrics I had composed.  I felt and learned a lot while working with Young Bae.   More than anything… The way he would take time [out of his own schedule] to re-record even after I had already given an “okay” that it was good/complete.  The way he would treat it as if it were his own song, working toward perfection.  And the way he had such a pure, child-like love and joy for the process of making music.   I was very moved, to the point of feeling embarrassed, thinking back to how I was full of pride and at times lazy.”

Translations by SYLVIA @ALWAYSTAEYANG Please do not remove when taking elsewhere.

No no no no more tomorrow x2

You got someone’s love, that doesn’t mean that you have it

You keep walking, that doesn’t mean time passes

You keep breathing, that doesn’t mean you’re alive


Baby there’s no no tomorrow

I’m still exactly the same as then

The time stopped right at the last moment

However it’s just the past to you

Baby there’s no no no no more tomorrow

(till you come back everyday is yesterday)

Baby there’s no no no no more (no more) tomorrow

[Verse 1]

The memories which were tearing my heart apart

They’re now ripped off the calendar

They’re fading as the year goes by

I pretend to live forgetting you

My world is still same (only there’s no you)

They’re telling me that afterwards I will smile recalling the past

For me it’s not even easy to raise my head which was facing you

Why do they keep talking even though I don’t even wanna hear them

I’m staying here

Don’t say that tomorrow is the new day

(the morning will be darker than the night with you)

Don’t say that after a storm comes the calm

(the calmness will be more anxious than the worries with you)

Everything is a mess

It’s spring again to you but my season don’t change

Even though my heart blossoms (I’ve got no tomorrow)


[Verse 2]

It’s a dead smile which is empty inside

They say I look even better than when I with you

That they can stop worrying about me now

But I can’t breathe

This smile can not deceive me (yeah)

I became normal

I emptied my heart a lot because it became a burden

I’m going crazy

Stop telling me your consoles because I don’t want to hear them (please stop)

They say that the cure of love is another love

(the meeting will be more lonely than a farewell to me)

They say that the time fixes everything

(the life will be same as if I’m dead every second)


You got someone’s love, that does not mean that you have it

You keep walking, that does not mean time passes

You keep breathing, that does not mean you are alive

Now i know that

No no more tomorrow x2

Till you come back

No no no more tomorrow

(no more) till you come back to me

No no no more tomorrow


Baby there’s no no no no more tomorrow

Till you comeback everyday is yesterday x4


Translated by:

                                 Do not remove without proper credit!

Press photos of Taeyang performing @ 2011 K-Pop Super Concert