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Hi guys!

As you might have heard, this year’s Big Show is going to be held at Olympic Park on March 2-4. This is undoubtly their big comeback after the ups and downs they faced in 2011. From releasing their 4th Mini to unforunate incidents putting all activities on hold to winning the EMA music awards, 2011 was a big year for Big Bang as well as for VIPs everywhere. To show our undying support for the boys, we’ll be doing our first rice wreath project!

If you guys don’t know, rice wreaths are a recent trend amongst fans to show support for their artists at concerts and large events alike. You might have seen them around a lot these days since practically every idol concert is lined with them. Rice wreaths show support and congratulations for the artists and after the event is done, all the rice the fans purchased are donated to charity.

This year we’ll aim for a 100kg rice wreath which will be $360USD.

Please help donate any way you can as this isn’t just for Big Bang but we’ll be also helping those in need! The deadline for donations is Feb 25th and you can donate via the ‘Donate’ button on top of the forum.

Also we’ll a msg to put on the sides of the wreath so if you guys have any ideas leave a comment. The msg needs to be under 10 words and be short and sweet ^^

Visit the project thread here!